Make Tax Time Less Stressful Workshop

Work out what to do, when, and exactly how – so that you’re not spending all of January hunting for paperwork!

  • Create a system that works for you to keep track of your money in and out. Don’t shoehorn yourself into someone else’s system!
  • Rest assured that you’ve kept track through the year of what you need to so that you know you’re not paying more tax than you need to.
  • Get all your questions answered in this highly interactive, small group. Leave with confidence that you’re acing this part of running a business!


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Are you sick of having a stressful January trying to gather all the information you need for your tax return?

Do you wish you knew better what you need to keep, what it needs to show, and what you can toss?

Do you wish you had a better process for your sales, expenses, and other financial bits, but you don't know where to start?

This hands-on online workshop is for you if you want to be supported whilst setting up your processes and systems. Ask your questions, get answers, and set up your systems and processes as we go.

We will cover:

  1. How you will handle your receipts the moment you get them.
  2. What you'll do with them in the longer term.
  3. How you will keep track of your sales, in all the different ways you make them.
  4. How you'll keep track of cash to avoid overpaying tax.
  5. What to keep, how long to keep it, and why.

You will come away with a process in place to deal with your records and a cheat sheet to refer to in the future to help you.

Make light work of this regulatory requirement.

Numbers are strictly limited, so book now! This is highly interactive and personalised to you and your exact circumstances, so the group is intentionally very small. We'll work out the best thing for you to do every step of the way. Every business is different, and every person has their preferences. Create the system that works for you - don't try to shoehorn yourself into someone else's system.

This workshop is suitable for UK-based businesses, whether you are a Sole Trader or in a Partnership. This workshop does not address the record-keeping requirements of those running a PAYE payroll or a Limited Company. These have different record-keeping requirements; if there is demand for it, there will be a separate workshop for Limited Companies.


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