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Sara Jayne Slocombe

Do you wish you understood how to use your data to make decisions more confidently? That’s what I’m here to help with.

Hi, I’m Sara-Jayne Slocombe BScMath. I help you know and understand your UK-based small business’ numbers.

My mission is to help you run a profitable, enjoyable business doing what you love by providing insights into your most pressing questions by analysing your data.

When you can understand what the data is telling you, you can harness that power to make better decisions about pricing your products, launching new products, changing direction, and so much more.

Running your own business can be a scary thing sometimes, with many of us relying only on our gut. It is important to listen to your intuition, but life is much easier when you have data to guide you.

I bring my background in mathematics to your business to help you see the big picture patterns and understand the music of the numbers in a different way. I straddle the worlds of detail and the big picture view, and I keep a holistic view of your business and your life in mind to help you get your business where you want it to be.

I’m a mathematician, qualified bookkeeper, numberphile, crafter, wife, volunteer, immigrant, lapsed musician, stationery fanatic, eternal student, cook, baker, and much more. I look forward to meeting you!

Sara Jayne Slocombe

Success Story

Bonus £18k found

Imagine finding £18k down the back of the couch.

What would you do with it?

My client hired their first employee after I did just that for them.

I was able to bring in an extra £18,355 of revenue after simply checking their cash receipts against their invoices. Because no one had been checking this, the client hadn’t realised they were owed this money.

That was a 19% increase in annual income that year.

For work they’d already done.

We’re drowning in numbers and data; it’s vital to know which to pay attention to.

Their bookkeeper had prided herself that everything always matched to the penny. 

It did.

However, she never thought to check whether their customers were actually paying their invoices. 

It can really add up over the years.

Are you checking the right numbers? I’d love to help you find out.


Revenue Increase

What my clients say

The information Sara-Jayne provided my members helped them to gain so much clarity and confidence around their book keeping, they were all very grateful!

Niki Swinson Magikal Echoes
Niki Swinson

Before I worked with you, I would do my books on the dreaded January. It was the only time I would look at money. I would get very stressed. Obviously you don’t know how you’re doing, do you? You don’t know how profitable you are. You don’t know about any of your products: are they making money?

For someone like me who completely buries their head, it was a really big thing to get my head around. It was quite monumental to realise I’m actually earning money because I don’t feel like I’m earning money. Actually looking at the books, I’m actually earning quite a bit of money.

Having you there to encourage me to face it led was just incredible.

The experience was transformational. Purely because it has completely transformed my business. Every aspect. I get a lot of copycats. Now, when they’re undercutting me, I know they’re making a loss. So it’s given me a lot of confidence to let people copy me. At the end of the day, I know the figures because we’ve been through it together. I want a business that’s going to last and not put me in debt. That’s not what business is about; it’s an energy exchange. I have so much confidence now.

I know what I can afford to do now. I can actually sit there like a businessperson and say, ‘That was not a financially safe thing to do. Don’t do it again!’

Going out and doing talks knowing that I can help other business owners, knowing that I am profitable. Knowing the figures so I can grow the profit.

Niki Swinson Magikal Echoes
Niki Swinson

We have had the immense pleasure of working in a voluntary capacity with Sara-Jayne from Amethyst Raccoon for the last two years as bookkeeper for New Mills Festival CIC.

Prior to Sara-Jayne joining us the job of generating accounts and invoices, providing updates to the rest of the committee and the multitude of other day to day tasks had defaulted through a lack of volunteers to one of the existing volunteer directors and the additional workload was proving too much. We always seemed to be playing catch-up and preparing the books and making them balance for meetings especially the AGM was hugely stressful.

Since Sara-Jayne has joined us, she has expanded the role of bookkeeper way beyond our expectations. This has freed up other volunteers to think more strategically and to concentrate of the sustainability of the organisation. The directors are now always fully briefed on the finances and are confident that the bookkeeping and day to day financial tasks are in safe hands.

Although Sara-Jayne is a volunteer she treats the role with the utmost professionalism with exceptional attention to detail. A huge benefit has been transferring our accounting to an online and more automated system which has meant the end of large amounts of paper to be archived and a central point where directors can find information.

However, whilst we would highly recommend Sara-Jayne for her professionalism it is her personal touch and genuine interest and concern in our organisation and activities that has impressed us the most.

Lyn Bannister New Mills Festival CIC
Lyn Bannister

I’ve found this Basic Bookkeeping spreadsheet so useful, it’s a great resource especially for someone like me who is number phobic and beyond clueless with excel!

Kathryn Harrison Handmade Harrison
Kathryn Harrison

I worked with Sara-Jayne on creating new initiatives for improving the on-line structure of a charity organisation. I’ve been more than impressed by her ability to quickly understand a problem and create easily achievable answers. She is approachable at any stage of the design process, quickly producing prototypes which are close or ready for production.

David Gibbons MBACP Liber8 Counselling Services Ltd
David Gibbons MBACP


When your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. This is why I am delighted to bring a wide background to your business so that we can find the right tool for you. It’s also why I continually invest time and money into broadening my skills to better serve you. My qualifications include:

Sara-Jayne Slocombe
Xero Certified Advisor Badge
QuickBooks Advanced Certified ProAdvisor
Making Tax Digital Pro Advisor QuickBooks Badge
FreshBooks Certified Badge

What I do best

Sara-Jayne Slocombe


My keen eye for detail means that discrepancies are found quickly and sorted to your advantage now, not years later during an investigation.

Big Picture

I step back and look at the big picture frequently, to make sure we’re both working effectively towards your success.



I’ll break down the information for you so that it makes sense and you feel confident. All questions are welcome; no one is born knowing this stuff!

Free Resources

I’m passionate about helping you thrive no matter what your budget or where you are on your business journey, so I’ve created some free resources to help you.

Sara Jayne Slocombe