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Sara Jayne Slocombe AICBHi, I’m Sara-Jayne Slocombe BScMath AICB. I help makers and artisans know and understand their numbers so they thrive and make more profit doing what they love.

My mission is to help makers and artisans run profitable businesses doing what they love by providing bookkeeping and software training services.

Cash flow failure is the number one reason for business failure, and not knowing or understanding your numbers is the biggest preventable cause of that.

When you can understand what the data is telling you, you can harness that power to make better decisions about pricing your products, launching new products, changing direction, and so much more.

Running your own business can be a scary thing sometimes, with many of us relying only on our gut. It is important to listen to your intuition, but life is much easier when you have data to guide you.

I bring my background in mathematics to your business to help you see the big picture patterns and understand the music of the numbers in a different way. I straddle the worlds of detail-oriented bookkeeping and the big-picture view, and I keep a holistic view of your business and your life in mind to help you get your business where you want it to be.

I’m a mathematician, qualified bookkeeper, numberphile, crafter, wife, volunteer, immigrant, lapsed musician, stationery fanatic, eternal student, cook, baker, and much more. I look forward to meeting you!

Sara Jayne Slocombe AICB

Success Story

Keen Eye for Detail

For one client, I was able to bring in an extra £18,355 of revenue after checking their cash receipts against their invoices. Because no one had been checking this, the client hadn’t realised they were owed this money. They were able to hire their first employee after this.

I also worked with their suppliers and customers to move all their incoming records from a mix of paper and digital to 100% digital, which has made the organisation scalable.


Revenue Increase


Digital records

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Facebook group

Join a community of makers & artisans who get what you’re going through – and get bookkeeping tips, too!

More free resources

There are training videos, a blog, calculators, and more to help you become more profitable doing what you love.


Whether you’re

  • Ready to outsource your bookkeeping,
  • Ready to learn how to do it yourself, or
  • Stuck on something right now,

I can help!

What my clients say

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness
When you worked with us I saw our organisation become more professional, efficient and effective. It was really great being walked through my technical problems. So helpful and patient.

Daniel Weaver Todmorden Therapy
Daniel Weaver

Sara-Jayne is impressively competent and professional. She takes the time to explain your options and will organise your books like a dream. Invaluable. Can’t recommend enough.

Dr Emma Fowler 
Dr Emma Fowler

I worked with Sara-Jayne for over a year with a small charity with which I had been involved for over 6 years, to say she brought clarity and calmness to the mess they were in is a massive understatement. Sara-Jayne was always available to help and made sure everything made sense. Sara-Jayne implemented new ways to get important information in like invoices, she simplified a very outdated and time-consuming process that was in place before she set her genius to work on it. Sara-Jayne is one of the most professional and understanding people I have worked with. I have worked as a counsellor for over 13 years so I can recognise an empathetic and genuine person when I meet one and Sara-Jayne is certainly this and much more. I wholeheartedly recommend her work and I look forward to any future contact with Sara-Jayne, if I need her services in the future I will definitely be contacting her to put her particular brand of knowledge, understanding and empathy into action for me.

Michelle Keifer Counsellor
Michelle Keifer

Her expertise and ability to demonstrate her scale of knowledge in order that the customer would understand was invaluable. She encouraged and patiently ensured that our workforce could get on board with new applications. She could explain our new support system with such ease and in easy to understand terminology.

Rosey Bennett Counsellor
Rosey Bennett

I have worked with Sara-Jayne for a few years & she is an amazing supportive person who supported me so patiently in our previous roles. I continually contacted Sara-Jayne requesting support and she was very efficient and effective in her support and an amazing personality. Sara-Jayne is very approachable and nothing was too much of a problem. Thanks for everything, Wayne

Wayne McConnell Hands to Communicate
Wayne McConnell


When your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. This is why I am delighted to bring a wide background to your business so that we can find the right tool for you. It’s also why I continually invest time and money into broadening my skills to better serve you. My qualifications include:

Sara-Jayne Slocombe AICB
QuickBooks Advanced Certified ProAdvisor
FreshBooks Certified Badge

My brand values


When you need creative, imaginative insight to find the most elegant solution for your business, then I’m your person.


When you need to know that you can rely on someone to give you trustworthy information or advice, be loyal to you, and meet your deadlines, then I’m your person.


When you need honesty, openness, accountability, and straight talking, then I’m your person.

What I do best

Sara-Jayne Slocombe AICB


My keen eye for detail means that discrepancies are found quickly and sorted to your advantage now, not years later during an investigation.

Big Picture

I step back and look at the big picture frequently, to make sure we’re both working effectively towards your success.


I’ll break down the information for you so that it makes sense and you feel confident. All questions are welcome; no one is born knowing this stuff!

Campaigns I Support

Just a card

Once upon a time, Sarah Hamilton read this quote from owners who’d recently closed their gallery:

 “If everyone who’d complimented our beautiful gallery had bought just a card we’d still be open.”

She then founded the Just A Card campaign to spread the message far and wide to shoppers that every little purchase helps makers, galleries, markets, etc.

This story resonated with me so much because when I first moved here, my husband and I enjoyed attending many craft and artisan fairs, but didn’t have a lot of disposable income (the Home Office got most of it). We couldn’t afford the beautifully framed works that we admired, but we bought many cards and postcards. With my love of sending snail mail, it was a no brainer! And with those makers’ details on the back of each card, I hope my friends and family bought more from those makers.

The principle holds whether it’s a card instead of a framed original; a leather keychain instead of a leather bag; a coaster instead of a jewellery box; etc. Little purchases do add up, and they do help. Margins are often better on little things, too, for that extra boost. I’m glad that there is this campaign group helping to spread the word, and I will do what I can to support them.

Free Resources

I’m passionate about helping you thrive no matter what your budget or where you are on their business journey, so I’ve created several free resources to help you.

Sara Jayne Slocombe AICB

Save Yourself Time

Read my guide to 5 common bookkeeping mistakes and how to fix them – save yourself time, money, and energy!

Facebook group

Join a community of makers and artisans who get what you’re going through – and get bookkeeping tips, too!

More free resources

There are training videos, a blog, calculators, and more to help you become more profitable doing what you love.

Work with me

Are you ready to see how your business can thrive when you have one-on-one help understanding your numbers and what they can do for you?

Power Hour

Are you stuck on something? Need a hand with the tech for your bookkeeping? Want some quick help understanding your reports? Then this is for you.

Only £50.

App Education

This Done-With-You service offers one-to-one help getting started with accounting software like QuickBooks or Xero, setting you up for success.

From £60/mo.

Bookkeeping Services

This Done-For-You service takes the hassle off your hands. Regular meetings to talk through how you're doing, plus crunching the numbers on ideas before you commit.

From £75/mo.

For when you're ready to do more than Get By

How Can I Help You Thrive?

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Sara-Jayne Slocombe
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Sara Jayne Slocombe AICB

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