Finding & Maximising the Profit in Your Business Workshop

A hands-on online workshop to empower you by knowing what’s profitable and what’s not in your business.

  • Learn how to work out which of the different places and things you sell are worth your time.
  • Learn by doing – leave with a system set up.
  • Max 5 participants.


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Did you know 1,850,000 SMEs reported not making a profit in 2021? Perhaps this included you?

Or if you did make a profit, perhaps it wasn't much. Are you one of the 1,800,000 sole traders making less than £10,000 profit from your business?

I'm committed to helping people stay self-employed (whether as sole traders or limited company directors), and these figures both sadden me and drive me to action. It's time to change this story! Let's make your business profitable.

Are you looking to increase your profitability, but you're not sure where to start?

Then this workshop may help. It is a follow-on from my Pricing Your Handmade Products Profitably Workshop, where we worked out the minimum profitable price per product.

In this workshop, we'll expand on that. We'll get stuck into your numbers in this hands-on online workshop and make sure you also know to find your actual profit for each:

  1. Sales Channel (such as in-person markets, your website, Etsy, etc.)
  2. Revenue Stream (such as physical products, digital products, workshops, affiliate income, etc.)

This isn't a passive webinar where you hear how to do it but never get around to implementing it. Your creative brain needs to be doing, not just passively listening. So, we'll work together hands-on in this workshop.

You'll learn how to work out your break-even points for sales channels and revenue streams, so you always know the minimum you need to sell. You can use that figure to help work out if a new sales channel or revenue stream you're considering is viable for you.

You'll go away knowing what to tweak, promote, or abandon from your current offerings and how to evaluate future ideas for profitability.

We'll co-create this workshop, which will last 2-2.5 hours.

Numbers are strictly limited, so book now!

Whether you are a sole trader, a limited company director, in a partnership, or even if you have not yet started your business, this workshop is suitable for any UK-based trader.


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