Sara-Jayne SlocombeImagine a world where every creative knows that self-employment is a viable option.

A world where every maker knows where to turn for how to get started, what’s required, how to keep going through the tough times, and what they need to know to make the best decisions.

A world where everyone can visualise how self-employment would fit into their lives, whether as a side hustle or as a main income.

This would be a world where terrible bosses would have to retrain and learn how to manage better because all employees would know that they have options.

This would be a world where it doesn’t matter if your main job doesn’t give you the creative outlet you need because you know how to turn a hobby into a side hustle. You know you can kill two birds with one stone: make some extra cash while being creative.

This would be a world where the established solopreneur knows where to turn for solid information when faced with any conundrum in their business.

They know what numbers to track, what those numbers tell them, and how to feed that information into their intuition to make the best holistic choices for them.

This would be a world where every single individual is empowered with more choices – real choices that they know how to implement.

This is my vision.

I think too many of us have suffered from…

Dreadful bosses who throw you under the bus at the slightest bit of trouble.

Intractable organisations where nothing can ever improve because change is too hard in bloated organisations.

Colleagues who you just can’t seem to get along with, no matter what you try.

Customers who treat you with disdain, certain of their own superiority.

Jobs that we just don’t enjoy.

I know I certainly have!

I never considered self-employment until an opportunity I couldn’t refuse fell into my lap – and required me to be self-employed, at which point I learned all about it.

One of my few regrets in life is that I never looked into self-employment sooner. How many years I wasted when I could have been building my business, doing things I love! How much further I could be now!

I was filled with misunderstandings about working for yourself that put me off looking into it even when good friends suggested it.

standing woman with head thrown back, arms out wide, leg kicked back, hair blowing in the breeze, living a life with no limitsMy vision now is to create a household name and a one-stop-shop resource where:

  • Anyone considering self-employment knows to look to see what’s involved. They can see for themselves whether self-employment might suit them – because it doesn’t suit everyone.
  • Anyone already self-employed can turn to for information to help them thrive.

If you’re interested in the same thing, please say hi via the comments below, my newsletterInstagram, Facebook page, YouTube, or LinkedIn. I’d love to get to know you.

What is your big vision for your business?