Watch the Christmas episode of my new fortnightly Instagram Live podcast series! Christmas is all about family, so I chatted with my husband Chris, Technomage and hobby woodworker, about business, supporting someone in business, making, and Christmas over some favourite beverages. We both asked each other questions, so you get to know me a little in this episode, too.

Chris has made some beautiful things in his woodworking adventures, which started some three decades ago. He carves, builds, turns, and more. In his day job, he works with computers.

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Highlights of this episode include:

  • 1:21 – Introducing Chris
  • 4:13 – Introducing me (Sara-Jayne) and my business
  • 6:32 – The most rewarding and hardest parts of my business
  • 7:55 – A common myth about woodworking
  • 9:41 – Supporting a spouse who’s running their own business
  • 11:38 – Our chosen superpowers
  • 13:41 – Chris’ favourite woodworking tools
  • 15:38 – Fun books & films
  • 18:08 – Building a community of makers & artisans
  • 19:23 – Chris’ current project
  • 21:02 – The legacies we hope to leave
  • 22:34 – Finishing a work

Being self-employed can be a lonely gig at times. I’m incredibly blessed to have a supportive husband who listens patiently, provides excellent feedback, and helps keep me grounded. Not everyone is lucky enough to have such support, and even those who do can benefit from having fellow entrepreneurs in our circles who understand our peculiar challenges. I am building a community of makers and artisans so that no one needs to feel alone, so that you can learn how others have overcome their challenges, and so that we can let our hair down and all have a laugh together. 

Have a fantastic Christmas and New Year – remember to get some downtime from your business.