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Thank you so much for wanting to be a guest speaker!

I currently have three main channels. Please read about them and then let me know about yourself in the form below.

Cocktails & Chat

My Instagram live and podcast series designed to build community among makers and artisans, particularly solopreneurs.

In each episode, we meet a maker and learn about their business journey, joys and challenges of running their own handmade business, and get to know each other over a relaxed cocktail or mocktail.

These episodes are always a lot of fun for host, guest, and viewers alike.

Handmade Business Club UK

My free Facebook group also designed to build community among makers and artisans.

I provide regular training in this group on all matters to do with bookkeeping, and would greatly appreciate any guest experts in other fields who could help my members.

Forthcoming podcast series

This will be a deeper dive into bookkeeping, business, and entrepreneurship.

Name to be decided.

Where are you interested in being a guest speaker?

Work with me

Are you ready to see how your business can thrive when you have one-on-one help understanding your numbers and what they can do for you?
Sara-Jayne Slocombe AICB

Power Hour

Are you stuck on something? Need a hand with the tech for your bookkeeping? Want some quick help understanding your reports? Then this is for you.

Only £50.

App Education

This Done-With-You service offers one-to-one help getting started with accounting software like QuickBooks or Xero, setting you up for success.

From £60/mo.

Bookkeeping Services

This Done-For-You service takes the hassle off your hands. Regular meetings to talk through how you're doing, plus crunching the numbers on ideas before you commit.

From £75/mo.

Free Resources

Sara-Jayne Slocombe AICB

I’m passionate about helping you thrive no matter what your budget or where you are on your business journey, so I’ve created several free resources to help you.

Facebook group

Join a community of makers and artisans who get what you’re going through – and get bookkeeping tips, too!

Save Yourself Time

Read my guide to 5 common bookkeeping mistakes and how to fix them – save yourself time, money, and energy!

More free resources

There are training videos, a blog, calculators, and more to help you become more profitable doing what you love.

For when you're ready to do more than Get By

How Can I Help You Thrive?

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