Bookkeeping Services

Take the stress out of tax time as well as day-to-day decisions by having your books kept up to date all the time.

With this service, you send me your receipts and invoices, and I’ll process them and let you know where you stand.

If you’d like, we’ll meet monthly or quarterly to go through your numbers together.

Sara-Jayne Slocombe

Bookkeeping Services

What’s included?

  • Weekly or monthly bookkeeping and reports, as appropriate for you and your business.
  • You’ll be able to see in one place your total revenue, no matter how many ways you sell.
  • Entering your invoices, expenses, receipts, and sales.
  • I will enter your expenses so that you get meaningful data – not simply “General Expenses”!
  • I will make sure you’re only claiming allowable business expenses, keeping you compliant with the regulations. I will help you make sure you’re incurring as few disallowable expenses as possible.
  • Receipt management – I’ll corral your receipts together in one easy-to-get to spot for you, meeting your legal recordkeeping requirements.
  • Performing bank reconciliations regularly. (This ensures all transactions have been accounted for, avoiding shocks later).
  • Your questions answered as they arise in simple, easy-to-understand English (not Accountant-ese).

What else can be included?

These are optional add-ons

  • Monthly or quarterly meetings to go through your figures together.
  • Management accounts. This could be a wide range of things, depending on your business. For example, I could track your profit for each project, product, service, market, etc, to help you see what’s working, what to tweak, and what to drop.
  • Pricing: I can calculate the minimum profitable prices for new or existing products or services.
  • Cash flow forecasting – helping to make sure you can keep the lights on!
  • Scenario planning: What if you buy this piece of equipment, or hire that help, or book that trade show? I can analyse the financial impacts of scenarios you’re considering, and explain the impact in straightforward terms.

What’s not included?

  • Tax returns are not included, including Self-Assessment, Corporation, and VAT returns.
  • Software costs are not included. These vary based on which software you choose, but you can expect to pay from around £9 to £30 per month for the accounting software.

Digital Receipt Management

So that we can work together 100% online, I will set up a system for capturing receipts that’s quick and easy for you to use. You’ll just snap a photo and send it to me.

Your receipts will be available right where they’re needed in your cloud accountancy software, and also in a cloud file storage system, so you’ll always have it, even if you change accounting software.

When all your transactions are recorded correctly, from the receipts, you can:

  • Be certain you’re paying the right amount of tax.
  • See more clearly what your expenses are. Whether you need to cut back on outgoings, or need to see what impact changing a supplier will have, it starts with having reliable information to start.
Sara-Jayne Slocombe

Ready to lighten your load?

Why Sara-Jayne?

More than Numbers

I love to create: I sew, I play the clarinet, I've just gotten a pyrography kit to start on, I enjoy making cards occasionally. It's not a strong enough suit for me to make a living at it, but I know what it is to create.

I'm a mathematician, a qualified bookkeeper, and generally very gifted at spotting connections. These are my biggest strengths, and I want to use it to help you excel at your strengths.

I want numbers to be available to inform every business owner, even the brand new sole trader. But I know that there is more to life than numbers, and I will prompt you to do what feels right to you, rather than blindly following the numbers.

Sara Jayne Slocombe

What my clients say

Wanted to say thanks for your training session earlier.

I thought you really nailed the impossible and made a dry subject matter really engaging.

Rob Calcutt Urban Healer
Rob Calcutt

It was seriously helpful. It was a lot of information, but it’s the information I need to take me away from my fear. The fact I’ve got a spreadsheet that I can put the information in I think will also help me with what actions I now need to take. I need to use this in order to help me because honestly, I’m petrified of money.

To physically see how many I need to sell in order to get to that amount is gold dust. If I miss it, I know what I need to make up. This will help me target what I need to do instead of simply thinking about what I fancy. This is what I should have done 4 years ago when I started, but this is my year to turn it around.

Caroline Bailey Hunkington House Kitchen
Caroline Bailey

I worked with Sara-Jayne for over a year with a small charity with which I had been involved for over 6 years, to say she brought clarity and calmness to the mess they were in is a massive understatement. Sara-Jayne was always available to help and made sure everything made sense. Sara-Jayne implemented new ways to get important information in like invoices, she simplified a very outdated and time-consuming process that was in place before she set her genius to work on it. Sara-Jayne is one of the most professional and understanding people I have worked with. I have worked as a counsellor for over 13 years so I can recognise an empathetic and genuine person when I meet one and Sara-Jayne is certainly this and much more. I wholeheartedly recommend her work and I look forward to any future contact with Sara-Jayne, if I need her services in the future I will definitely be contacting her to put her particular brand of knowledge, understanding and empathy into action for me.

Michelle Keifer Counsellor
Michelle Keifer

I have worked with Sara-Jayne for a few years & she is an amazing supportive person who supported me so patiently in our previous roles. I continually contacted Sara-Jayne requesting support and she was very efficient and effective in her support and an amazing personality. Sara-Jayne is very approachable and nothing was too much of a problem. Thanks for everything, Wayne

Wayne McConnell Hands to Communicate
Wayne McConnell

This workshop was incredibly helpful. I have been selling products for quite a while now, but always have to do lots of “back of a fag packet” calculations every time I work out my pricing. If I’m honest I often have an uneasy feeling that I am not charging the right amount for some of them, or that I am not tracking my profit margins properly. I wanted to understand my pricing properly and thought I’d try out Sara-Jayne’s workshop because I know she works with small businesses and people who make their own products as well as bigger businesses.

The workshop was brilliant! She went through all kinds of concepts but in a way that I could really understand and didn’t make me feel foolish for the bits that I didn’t quite grasp at first. We walked through some pricing psychology that I can definitely use on my website, and looked at some different ways to calculate costs when you sell on lots of different platforms. There was definitely something in there for all the scenarios I was worrying about.

Best of all, she provided me with a spreadsheet that was already set up for me to do calculations from so that I can go away after the workshop and enter my products in. We entered one product during the workshop itself so I was able to check that it would work for me and I have set aside some time to put the others in. It has taken such a lot of work off my plate having the spreadsheet set up exactly the right way for a business like mine that makes things for different audiences.

The two biggest takeaways that I got from the workshop is that I am not respecting my time properly and need to make sure that I am factoring that in more to my pricing, and that I shouldn’t be afraid of looking at my product figures, because if I find out something that I don’t like in them, I should be working out what to change, because they are not serving me well.

Highly recommended if you are a bit overwhelmed by the idea of investigating your pricing and want someone who is expert and experienced to walk through the process with you and provide you with tools to do the rest.

Most of all, recommended if you want help from someone who passionately cares about you making a good living from the thing that you do, and wants you to succeed.

Joanne Roach The Foodies
Joanne Roach


Different business owners have different needs and wants. We’ll talk through your needs, wants, and goals, and find the right combination of services for you, mixing and matching only what you want and can benefit from. To give you an idea, here are some of the sorts of things we can include:

Ready to lighten your load?

Your review meeting


At your monthly or quarterly review meeting, we’ll discuss:

  • Your profits and losses.
  • What’s gone well and what hasn’t: what to do more of and what to avoid!
  • Your plans and goals for the next month, quarter, and year, and how to get you there.

This is your chance to speak in confidence with someone about the nitty-gritty details of your business, bounce ideas around, and come away empowered to make the most out of your business.

Free Resources

I’m passionate about helping you thrive no matter what your budget or where you are on your business journey, so I’ve created some free resources to help you.

Sara Jayne Slocombe

Save Yourself Time

Read my guide to 5 mistakes you're making with your bookkeeping - save yourself time, money, and energy!

More free resources

There are training videos, a blog, calculators, and more to help you become more profitable doing what you love.

Other ways to work with me

Sara-Jayne Slocombe

Done-For-You Bookkeeping Services won’t be the right fit for everyone at every time.

You might not quite be ready to outsource, in which case my Bookkeeping Coaching package may suit you better.

Let’s work together – the right way for you – so that your business can thrive when you understand your numbers and what they can do for you!