Join Tori, Niki, and me for the first episode of Cocktails & Chat, a live podcast designed to promote community in the UK maker sector.
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Tori Brewster is The Diaper Cake Diva. She makes the most fantastic centrepieces and souvenirs for this special time in life. Many recipients of her work keep the outer frames as souvenirs after removing the diapers, and I can see why!

Niki Swinson is The Sweary Crystal Lady. She makes crystal grids, provides crystal healing, and facilitates several networking groups both in person and online. A woman of many talents!

Join us having a laugh and an honest discussion about the highs and challenges of business! This is part of my community-building Cocktails & Chat Instagram Live series. The idea is to kick back, relax, get to know your fellow makers, and realise you’re not alone. 

Highlights include:

  • 6:58 How Tori started on her journey to becoming The Diaper Cake Diva
  • 9:13 How Niki started building her networking groups and how she pushed herself to do public speaking
  • 14:45 My love of storytelling
  • 16:35 Who we talk to when working through problems in our work
  • 19:46 Some great resources that have helped us in our businesses
  • 23:59 Our thoughts on advent calendars and Christmas sweets
  • 31:56 Projects in the works: Tori’s new Diaper Cake Diva Club, and Niki’s new accredited courses on crystals and reiki
  • 34:27 Crystals!
  • 41:57 How to know when a work is finished

Connect with Tori Brewster, the Diaper Cake Diva:

Connect with Niki Swinson, The Sweary Crystal Lady of Magikal Echoes: