You use spreadsheets for your bookkeeping

Thank you so much for sharing that with me! 

Spreadsheets are a solid choice. I have hundreds, myself. I’ve used them to do the bookkeeping for six-figure organisations with dozens of members. Their flexibility is such a strength.

The downside is that as your business becomes more complex, it becomes easier to break spreadsheets. Delete a row and you could find a whole page of errors, cascading from one formula that’s now missing the cell you just deleted. This is why dedicated accounting software is strongly encouraged as your business grows – in people, complexity, revenue streams, and so on.

That said, you’ll probably never get away from spreadsheets entirely, to be honest. Even when an organisation is using possibly quite expensive accounting software, there are questions that can only be answered using spreadsheets. So power to you for being comfortable with spreadsheets already – they are your friend!

If you want to think about the next steps, my video series on a couple of different accounting software packages might be helpful: