Your business is something other than a sole trader or a limited company

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Sara-Jayne Slocombe

Partnership vs Limited Company

If you’re not trading as a sole trader or a limited company, you’re probably in a partnership, which is the next most common business type (but only accounts for about 5% of businesses, so is rare).

If you’re wondering whether you should be in a partnership or a limited company, this brief article is a good start for looking at the pros and cons.

The donuts are a fantastic resource (there’s this Start Up Donut I’ve linked you to, plus a Marketing Donut, Law Donut, Money Donut, and more). Just make sure you put your adblocker on before visiting – the ads are obnoxious otherwise.

If you don’t already have one, I like AdBlock Plus, which is free. It will ask for donations periodically, but they are not required.