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As I said in the newsletter, here are a few options to have legal help on hand (non-affiliate links). If I’ve missed a great one, please let me know.

Your Insurance Company

May well have a legal telephone helpline and/or document hub. If you can’t see it on your policy, ring them and check.

FSB - Federation of Small Businesses

Legal helpline (telephone) and legal hub of template contracts, guidance, etc. There are many other membership benefits, including tax investigation protection. This one means that if you’re ever investigated by HMRC, you ring FSB and they liaise between you and HMRC (and your accountant and bookkeeper if there are any). Membership starts at £147/year plus £30 joining fee. They regularly run promotions so you don’t have to pay the joining fee, though.

Simply Docs

Legal hub of template contracts and guidance. Their system will alert you if they make any updates to any of the contracts you’ve downloaded from them, so you can always keep it up to date. Subscriptions start at £42/year.

IPSE - The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed

Legal and tax telephone helpline available 24/7. Contract templates and guides. There are many other membership benefits, including a discount on contract reviews, free co-working space, life assurance, and more. Membership starts at £99/year or £9.50/mo. The higher tiers of membership include tax investigation cover, contract failure cover, and cover to pay outstanding invoices if your client goes bankrupt before paying you.
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Did you know I have a podcast? Cocktails and Chat is a meet-the-maker series where a maker and I let our hair down and have a relaxed chat over a cocktail.

I really enjoyed this episode with Sophie Abell, The Dye Wizard of The Stitchy Ferret. Highlights included tips for making time for your business with an active toddler on hand, the importance of running a values-led business, and some practical thoughts on transitioning her following from Etsy to her own website.