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What my clients say

Her expertise and ability to demonstrate her scale of knowledge in order that the customer would understand was invaluable. She encouraged and patiently ensured that our workforce could get on board with new applications. She could explain our new support system with such ease and in easy to understand terminology.

Rosey Bennett Counsellor
Rosey Bennett

Thank you so much for being really generous with your time sorting out my computer problems and anxieties. You were so calm and patient and listened carefully to the difficulties I was experiencing. Then with amazing speed you created a system which I could use easily and with confidence. I am delighted, relieved and feel more in control. Thanks again.

Diana Cavanagh 
Diana Cavanagh

Anyone who has ever had eureka moments will want to be in a mastermind that’s built the way Sara-Jayne structures them. It can take a little group of creatives in various iterations of a business-orientated world and give them a well-rounded perspective that helps clarify what they can do, and how they can set about to do it.

It doesn’t demand, but it reveals. It empowers, because there is something reassuring about bouncing ideas around with contemporaries who inhabit different worlds but utilise the same business philosophy, principles, and standards. More self-employed people need this as part of their strategising — I certainly benefit from it.

Maria Tabasuares Stand Tall Improv CIC
Maria Tabasuares

A must-attend fixture in my schedule every month – I really value the opportunity to explore burning operational and strategic issues in this confidential and collaborative environment.

Gerri McHugh Global Health Film
Gerri McHugh

Thank you so much for presenting your masterclass to my group, it was so valuable hearing how to think a bit differently about the categories of sales in a business and to use that information to help improve profitability. It’s something that I think is so valuable and that business owners of all types should embrace! Your knowledge and insights were excellent and super useful.

Sara Jones