Regular Bookkeeping Service Questionnaire

Every business is different and has different circumstances. To help our introductory call be as useful as possible for you, please could you answer the questions below before our meeting? Many thanks.

What type is your business?
How many business transactions do you usually have per month through all your accounts?
Are you VAT-registered?
What do you currently use for your bookkeeping?

Why Sara-Jayne?

More than Numbers

I love to create: I sew, I play the clarinet, I've just gotten a pyrography kit to start on, I enjoy making cards occasionally. It's not a strong enough suit for me to make a living at it, but I know what it is to create.

I'm a mathematician, a qualified bookkeeper, and generally very gifted at spotting connections. These are my biggest strengths, and I want to use it to help you excel at your strengths.

I want numbers to be available to inform every business owner, even the brand new sole trader. But I know that there is more to life than numbers, and I will prompt you to do what feels right to you, rather than blindly following the numbers.

Sara Jayne Slocombe

What my clients say

We have had the immense pleasure of working in a voluntary capacity with Sara-Jayne from Amethyst Raccoon for the last two years as bookkeeper for New Mills Festival CIC.

Prior to Sara-Jayne joining us the job of generating accounts and invoices, providing updates to the rest of the committee and the multitude of other day to day tasks had defaulted through a lack of volunteers to one of the existing volunteer directors and the additional workload was proving too much. We always seemed to be playing catch-up and preparing the books and making them balance for meetings especially the AGM was hugely stressful.

Since Sara-Jayne has joined us, she has expanded the role of bookkeeper way beyond our expectations. This has freed up other volunteers to think more strategically and to concentrate of the sustainability of the organisation. The directors are now always fully briefed on the finances and are confident that the bookkeeping and day to day financial tasks are in safe hands.

Although Sara-Jayne is a volunteer she treats the role with the utmost professionalism with exceptional attention to detail. A huge benefit has been transferring our accounting to an online and more automated system which has meant the end of large amounts of paper to be archived and a central point where directors can find information.

However, whilst we would highly recommend Sara-Jayne for her professionalism it is her personal touch and genuine interest and concern in our organisation and activities that has impressed us the most.

Lyn Bannister New Mills Festival CIC
Lyn Bannister

It was seriously helpful. It was a lot of information, but it’s the information I need to take me away from my fear. The fact I’ve got a spreadsheet that I can put the information in I think will also help me with what actions I now need to take. I need to use this in order to help me because honestly, I’m petrified of money.

To physically see how many I need to sell in order to get to that amount is gold dust. If I miss it, I know what I need to make up. This will help me target what I need to do instead of simply thinking about what I fancy. This is what I should have done 4 years ago when I started, but this is my year to turn it around.

Caroline Bailey Hunkington House Kitchen
Caroline Bailey

The group conversations in the mastermind have been fascinating and productive.

As expected, we’ve had an opportunity to talk through anything we’re finding tricky or problematic in business and hear other experiences and perspectives. The level of support has been fantastic and the small group dynamic really aids the speed in which you get to know each other and open up. There have been recommendations for useful resources, technology and information so I leave a session with ideas and plans to try new things.

An unexpected bonus of these sessions is meeting business owners in very different fields, with very different income expectations, and recognising that whether your business turns over £10,000 or £1,000,000, you can have moments of doubt. As a business grows, new challenges come up and you have to be a learner again. You may have been in business for 10 years but a newbie can offer a different perspective or recommend new software. These conversations have a respectful equality that encourages all to participate.

Sophie Dyer Thinking Partner
Sophie Dyer

A must-attend fixture in my schedule every month – I really value the opportunity to explore burning operational and strategic issues in this confidential and collaborative environment.

Gerri McHugh Global Health Film
Gerri McHugh

I have had an introductory appointment and have also attended a ‘Record keeping for makers’ workshop, both of which were extremely informative. The workshop in particular was great, a recording of which was provided afterwards, so that I can refer back to it, rather than trying to remember all of the information provided, which is a fantastic service.

Would definitely recommend.

Christine Skelly Burnt Cookies Art
Christine Skelly