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At your monthly or quarterly review meeting, we’ll discuss:

  • Your profits and losses.
  • What’s gone well and what hasn’t: what to do more of and what to avoid!
  • Your plans and goals for the next month, quarter, and year, and how to get you there.
  • Any specific questions you have about your business.

This is your chance to speak in confidence about the nitty-gritty details of your business, bounce ideas around, and come away empowered to make the most out of your business.

If you are already signed up to a regular bookkeeping package and are ready to book your monthly or quarterly review meeting, book it now below.

Sara-Jayne Slocombe

What my clients say

Anyone who has ever had eureka moments will want to be in a mastermind that’s built the way Sara-Jayne structures them. It can take a little group of creatives in various iterations of a business-orientated world and give them a well-rounded perspective that helps clarify what they can do, and how they can set about to do it.

It doesn’t demand, but it reveals. It empowers, because there is something reassuring about bouncing ideas around with contemporaries who inhabit different worlds but utilise the same business philosophy, principles, and standards. More self-employed people need this as part of their strategising — I certainly benefit from it.

Maria Tabasuares Stand Tall Improv CIC
Maria Tabasuares

Wanted to say thanks for your training session earlier.

I thought you really nailed the impossible and made a dry subject matter really engaging.

Rob Calcutt Urban Healer
Rob Calcutt

Amethyst Racoon has brought clarity and responsiveness to the financial workings of New Mills Festival. We can now see the current state of each project and event within the Festival as well as overall figures. Additionally by having immediate access and understanding of all our figures when she attends meetings Sara-Jayne is able to directly respond to any queries that arise on whatever aspect of our finances.

For the project that I was directly responsible for she ensured that it came in on budget and was able to follow through on all grant requirements, etc. Beyond that she is personally interested in how the various events are doing and can contribute informed suggestions on how to proceed.

I would happily recommend her services to any arts organisation or individual trader.

Toby Hardwick New Mills Festival
Toby Hardwick

Sara-Jayne carried out an hour masterclass in my group for small business owners. She was super well prepared and gave so much value. Sara-Jayne knows her subject so well and was able to give the attendees with practical and useful knowledge. She also helped increase their confidence in understanding what they could and shouldn’t do.
Thank you Sara-Jayne it was super helpful.

Teresa Heath-Wareing Dream Business Club
Teresa Heath-Wareing

The bookkeeping services have been second to none. The confident and efficient way in which the services are provided mean that a layer of stress has been removed from our financial management. Having an expert, professional bookkeeper makes life easier – would highly recommend!

Patty Doran