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Sara Jayne Slocombe

Welcome, Dream Business Club member!

Thank you so much for watching my masterclass Business Expenses for Sole Traders!

It was a joy to give this talk to Teresa Heath-Wareing’s membership.

To help you implement what I covered in that talk, I’ve prepared 2 resources for you:

Save Money!

Download this free guide to

Common Business Expenses and Mistakes

Are you a Sole Trader?

Then use this guide to quickly check whether you can claim something as a business expense!

Common business expenses allowed by HMRC

Common mistakes to watch out for

Space for you to add expense notes for your unique business

Small businesses lose an estimated £5.6 billion per year by not claiming all their business expenses.

Don’t be a statistic – get your guide today.

Know your numbers!

Get started with your bookkeeping with this

Basic Bookkeeping Spreadsheet

If you’re not sure yet where to start with your bookkeeping, this spreadsheet will help you to:

Know whether you’re profitable

Know where your money is coming from

Know where your money is going to

Once you know those things, you can:

Align your marketing efforts with what brings you the most sales

Align your expenditure with your current goals

Spot issues that could keep you from being profitable any day, week, or month – don’t wait for the end of the year to discover how you’re doing!