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Get started with your bookkeeping. Gain confidence, master your business, and find the most profitable ways to spend your time. By Sara-Jayne Slocombe, Amethyst Raccoon, Bookkeeping for Makers

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Video and written email course by qualified bookkeeper and mathematician reveals how you too can harness your numbers to help you make better decisions … without years of study or becoming a bookkeeper.


You don’t need to know all the regulations and complicated bits to get started. You can get valuable insights with some simple steps. You just need to start!


And what if I told you that consistency is key to getting useful information you can use to help you make great decisions for your business?!


You run a business, so you already know all about consistency – you’re halfway there!


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I have had an introductory appointment and have also attended a 'Record keeping for makers' workshop, both of which were extremely informative. The workshop in particular was great, a recording of which was provided afterwards, so that I can refer back to it, rather than trying to remember all of...

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Christine Skelly

Thank you so much for being really generous with your time sorting out my computer problems and anxieties. You were so calm and patient and listened carefully to the difficulties I was experiencing. Then with amazing speed you created a system which I could use easily and with confidence. I am...

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Diana Cavanagh

I worked with Sara-Jayne on creating new initiatives for improving the on-line structure of a charity organisation. I've been more than impressed by her ability to quickly understand a problem and create easily achievable answers. She is approachable at any stage of the design process, quickly...

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David Gibbons MBACP

I worked with Sara-Jayne for several months on a project for a charity, and I was extremely impressed both by her technical skills, and by her ability to understand the issues behind a question. Several times, I asked her if A or B might be possible, and I always received really helpful,...

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Nick Rosenthal

Thank you so much for presenting your masterclass to my group, it was so valuable hearing how to think a bit differently about the categories of sales in a business and to use that information to help improve profitability. It’s something that I think is so valuable and that business owners of all...

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Sara Jones

We have had the immense pleasure of working in a voluntary capacity with Sara-Jayne from Amethyst Raccoon for the last two years as bookkeeper for New Mills Festival CIC. Prior to Sara-Jayne joining us the job of generating accounts and invoices, providing updates to the rest of the committee and...

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Lyn Bannister
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