Join the waiting list today!

Join the waiting list today!

To have the diversity of voices to make this group worthwhile for everyone attending, there must be at least 4 members to launch this group.

So if you’re interested, please join the waiting list now.

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Next steps

Once 4 people have joined the waiting list, I’ll write to you to ask if you’re ready to join.

If at least 4 people are ready to join, I’ll arrange chats.

Why chats?

It’s vital that the group is a good fit for you.

The best way to know that is for you and I to have a chat.

We’ll talk about

What you hope to get out of the Power Pod Roundtable

Your current challenges in your business

Your vision for the future

And if I don’t think the group is a good fit for you, I will tell you.

If you’ve been in my world any length of time, you’ll know that honesty and integrity are among my highest values.

It’s far more important to me to help you find the right solution for your needs than for you to buy from me.