Mini Mastermind

What is this?

Hello! You’ve been invited to join a closed, small, invitation-only group. I’ve invited you because I value your insight, wisdom, compassion, empathy, business acumen, intelligence, and knowledge. I do hope you join, but I know it’s not for everyone, so absolutely no pressure if it’s not for you! It’s vital that it’s a good fit for everyone who joins.

Drawing of people turning a tangled strand into a nicely rolled strand of string, symbolising solving problems.We’ll come together on the third Friday of each month, 11am-12:30pm to:

  • Kick around ideas
  • Give and get opinions and encouragement
  • Be each other’s sounding boards

The idea is to create a safe space with people who you know and trust. We get the best advice when we can be vulnerable, but it’s hard to do that in open networking groups when you know the person listening to you could be your next client, or the person who would refer your next client, and you’re worried about appearing like you don’t have your shit together.

This is for you especially if you’re a solo entrepreneur and you really could do with a sounding board periodically with fellow entrepreneurs who get what it’s like.

There is no money involved. You’re not expected to share your professional expertise that you deserve to be paid for; please just share what you would with a friend or colleague. This isn’t really meant to be networking: you’re not expected to make referrals, share others’ social media posts, or anything else.

Drawing of four people smiling and waving

What can you expect in a session?

At every session, you can expect a small, intimate, hand-picked group of entrepreneurs who are also kind, insightful, intelligent, knowledgeable, and thoughtful. They come from a wide range of industries, and operate at a wide range of turnover (annual sales) levels (from 4 figures to 6 and beyond).

There is no central expert. I am simply facilitating this group; you are not coming to hear some font of wisdom from me. I will be the expert in some areas, and you in others, and the next person in still others. This is no cult of personality around me; we are all on equal footing.

After introductions, you’re under no obligation to chime in. You may not feel like you have anything worthwhile to add to any particular discussion, and that’s completely welcome! Sometimes the best thing we can do for someone is let them feel heard and seen. Other times you may well have lots to say, and that’s completely welcome, too!

There are no recordings. What’s said in each session stays there. This is vital!

All matters are welcome here, not just business. We are whole people.

All viewpoints are strongly encouraged. I really, really want to create a space where if you see it differently than the first person who spoke, you actually speak up and share your point of view. It could be that the first person has nothing but encouragement for the idea that’s being presented, but you spot several potential obstacles. Please speak up so the person tackling that can plan ahead and make better, more informed decisions! On the flip side, if you think someone is over-egging potential difficulties, please say so. I am just so tired of those online spaces where the first person who speaks decides what the collective response is. I’ve invited you because you’re a strong, independent thinker, and I want to hear from you, especially when you disagree, including with me!

Drawing of a little person in front of a calendar.

Booking Notes

Each session is strictly limited to 6 people so that everyone has plenty of time to discuss whatever they’re bringing. You’re not obliged to come to any particular meeting; I aim to keep the full group size at around 10-12 people, so that there’s never any worry about not being able to make a session, and yet it’s a small group so we can build bonds of trust so we can be vulnerable when we need to be.

These will be booked on a first-come, first-served basis. You can book each meeting 21 days in advance.

You’ll need to sign up for the mailing list at the top of this page to receive the booking link for each meeting. You’ll get reminders 21, 14, and 7 days before each meeting. This is separate from my main mailing list and purely for mini mastermind-related news and reminders. If you’re also interested in my regular weekly newsletter, you can sign up for that at the bottom of this page, but it’s completely optional.

Why is it called a mini-mastermind?

A mastermind, as I understand it, brings together a group of entrepreneurs playing at the same level, so they can troubleshoot, support, encourage, help with accountability, etc, with each other. Sometimes there is training included, too.

These tend to be centred around one person, so their followers sign up to be in their mastermind, in part to spend more time with that person.

They also tend to cost huge sums of money – I’ve seen 5 figures per year routinely kicked around for some of them.

Honestly, I find charging people vast sums for such things unethical. They’re helping each other, rather than getting much service from the central person (usually). So I’ve never been vaguely tempted to join one. (Admittedly, my perceptions could be wrong, since I’ve never joined one.)

Drawing of 4 people in a meeting coming up with ideas and solutions.

Some masterminds seem to come with huge time commitments, too, beyond the sessions. I suppose it’s natural that your time and money tend to follow each other, so if you’re spending huge sums of money on a personal development activity, you should also put the time in to see the change.

However, that’s not always what we’re after.

So now I’ve created what I wanted to see in the world. I wanted a place where I could come, just once a month, to kick around ideas, without the ongoing time commitment, and without a stupidly high financial outlay (or, indeed, any).

It feels mini to me compared to what is usually meant by “Mastermind,” for all those above reasons, so that’s what I’ve called it for now. I am open to better names, however!

I already have a Treehouse that goes with my Raccoon branding (that’s my learning platform), so though that would be a perfect name for this, it’s taken. So for now, this is a Mini-Mastermind.

Next Steps

If this doesn’t sound right for you, that’s completely fine, and there’s no pressure! Please don’t feel like you need to justify or explain – but please do let me know so I don’t needlessly remind you.

If this does sound right for you, I really look forward to seeing you one of these Fridays. Thank you so much for joining in! 

Remember to sign up at the top of this page for the emails so you’ll get the booking link.

If you book a meeting and later realise you can’t come, please cancel it so someone else can come instead. There will be a cancellation link in the email you receive from Calendly when booking.