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5 common bookkeeping mistakes - and how to fix them

Save yourself time, money, and renew your confidence by reading this guide to common bookkeeping mistakes, including a checklist of what to do every week and month.

Jewellery maker working with fire

Cocktails & Chat Podcast

This show is designed to build community among makers and artisans by hearing from fellow makers about their start, their whys, their challenges – and seeing that we’re more similar than different.

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If you’re looking for other makers, artisans, and handmade business entrepreneurs to connect with, as well as picking up tips and training from me, join the Facebook Group!

Hourly Rate Calculator

How much should you charge for an hour of your time? Whether you’re pricing products or services, this calculator will give you a solid number to start with instead of guessing.

Tax Bill Savings Calculator

Do you want to get ahead for next year and save as you go instead of being hit with an unexpectedly high tax bill? Then use this ready reckoner to see where you stand.


If you prefer to read than watch or listen, you’ll find blogs on getting started with your bookkeeping, why we keep accounts in business, and more.

Training Videos

I provide live training videos every Tuesday at 12:30. I’ve collected several together here for you; the rest are in my Facebook group.

What my clients say

I have worked with Sara-Jayne for a few years & she is an amazing supportive person who supported me so patiently in our previous roles. I continually contacted Sara-Jayne requesting support and she was very efficient and effective in her support and an amazing personality. Sara-Jayne is very approachable and nothing was too much of a problem. Thanks for everything, Wayne

Wayne McConnell Hands to Communicate
Wayne McConnell

Sara-Jayne is impressively competent and professional. She takes the time to explain your options and will organise your books like a dream. Invaluable. Can’t recommend enough.

Dr Emma Fowler 
Dr Emma Fowler

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness
When you worked with us I saw our organisation become more professional, efficient and effective. It was really great being walked through my technical problems. So helpful and patient.

Daniel Weaver Todmorden Therapy
Daniel Weaver

I worked with Sara-Jayne on creating new initiatives for improving the on-line structure of a charity organisation. I’ve been more than impressed by her ability to quickly understand a problem and create easily achievable answers. She is approachable at any stage of the design process, quickly producing prototypes which are close or ready for production.

David Gibbons MBACP Liber8 Counselling Services Ltd
David Gibbons MBACP

I worked with Sara-Jayne for over a year with a small charity with which I had been involved for over 6 years, to say she brought clarity and calmness to the mess they were in is a massive understatement. Sara-Jayne was always available to help and made sure everything made sense. Sara-Jayne implemented new ways to get important information in like invoices, she simplified a very outdated and time-consuming process that was in place before she set her genius to work on it. Sara-Jayne is one of the most professional and understanding people I have worked with. I have worked as a counsellor for over 13 years so I can recognise an empathetic and genuine person when I meet one and Sara-Jayne is certainly this and much more. I wholeheartedly recommend her work and I look forward to any future contact with Sara-Jayne, if I need her services in the future I will definitely be contacting her to put her particular brand of knowledge, understanding and empathy into action for me.

Michelle Keifer Counsellor
Michelle Keifer

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